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Choosing the best rock sliders for you

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RSG Metalworks

Choosing the best rock sliders for you

There are many different variations and styles of rock sliders. Here at RSG Metalworks, we offer a variety of options such as kickouts, no kickouts, grip top plate, regular dimpled top plate, angled, or even flat. Depending on your use case and preferred style we are sure we have an option to suit you. Each variation has its benefits which we will go over below. We hope this guide helps in finding the best option for you.

Step 1: Flat or Angled

The first step in choosing your sliders is picking out if you would like flat or angled. Our RSG Metalworks flat sliders are designed to also double as a high clearance step/running board for getting into the vehicle. If you are looking for vehicle protection off-road, door dings in the parking lot, and a nice step for getting into the vehicle or setting up a roof-top-tent, choosing flat sliders would be a great option. Our other option of sliders are angled. Depending on the model of your vehicle, the outer tube angle on the sliders gives you about 2” more ground clearance on the outer edge than the flat option. This can help for the more technical off-roaders who want something that can slide a bit better over rocks. Angled is tucked a bit closer to the vehicle and still offers a bit of a step with mainly using the outside tube. 

flat rock sliders vs angled rock sliders

Step 2: Kickout or No-Kickout

The next choice you will have to make is deciding if you would like a rear kick-out on the back of the slider or not. The kickout sliders are designed to push the rear of the vehicle off trees or around rocks and be used as a pivot point. The additional kickout does allow for a nice step when accessing gear or a tent on your roof. The kickout option is usually the most popular as it offers a bit more protection than the no kickout. The no kickout option is a much sleeker design offering the same strength but is more low profile. 

no kick out rock sliders vs kick out rock sliders


Step 3: Grip top plate, Regular top plate, or Open

    Grip Top Plate: This is a fan favorite. The grip top plate is our oval dimple in reverse (pointing up) with a spike like pattern to allow for grippy steps in all conditions. Through years of wheeling and using sliders as a step we have found that an extra bit of grip is always helpful so you don’t slip off while accessing something on your roof or getting into the vehicle. You can get this option with either no kick out or kick out sliders and in the flat or angled configuration. 

grip top plate

    Regular top Plate: The regular top plate option is a classic. In this variation, the oval holes are dimpled down rather than upward like the grip hole option and the entire slider is smooth. This option makes for a clean and simple step without getting too crazy for a grippy step. If you add our powder coating option it is a multi-stage textured black that helps to make these not slippery.

regular top plate

    Open: The bare essentials. Our open option is your standard rock slider. It is still our same great rock slider, just without a top plate. This is a great option for a sleek and simple look while still getting the protection you need. You can also get this option in either flat or angled depending on what suits your needs best. 

no top plate open

Step 4: Powder Coated or Bare Metal

The last option you have is choosing to get your sliders powder coated or receive them bare metal. For those of you looking for a nice step and don’t plan on bashing your sliders often, we recommend powder coat. The sliders go through a multi-stage process using a very rugged powder coat keeping your sliders protected for years to come. If you are someone who uses their sliders often and don’t mind touching them up, the bare option is for you. If you would like to have your sliders powder coated a custom color we recommend ordering bare metal as well. 

Step 5: The wait

Rock sliders take some time to make and have powder coated. We are a small team working the best we can to get these out in a quality and fast manner. Please be patient. Our current lead times are always listed at the top of our website. Please note that they are estimated lead times so sometimes they can go longer or shorter than what is to be expected. If you are planning on getting them in time for a trip, please give yourself extra time on top of the estimated lead times so that you receive them in time. 

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  • Hello, are you going to be re stocking the flat kick out rock sliders for the Tacoma double cab long bed ?

    Shawn Scott on
  • I need a set for a 2023 tundra crew max 6.5ft bed.

    Mike on
  • I need a set for a 2023 tundra crew max 6.5ft bed.

    Mike on
  • Hey Guys I’m in need of a set of rock sliders for my 2003 dodge quad cab dually. Frame mounted please.

    John Henson on
  • 2021 F250 Crew Cab 6.8 bed 6.2 motor.
    Grip top plate
    Powder Coated (Your logo not black)

    Looking for a price on shipping, and price for pickup.


    Chris Goff

    Christopher Goff on
  • Will you guys have sliders for 2nd gen Tacoma anytime soon?

    Darren on
  • If I order today 5-25-2022 how soon will I get it?

    Leonardo Santos on
  • Looking for a set of rock sliders for my 2017 Lexus GX…available?

    Bill Beam on
  • I was told you may have sliders in stock for my 4runner?

    Tony Meintel on

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