Powder Coat Lead Times estimated 6 - 8 weeksBare Metal Lead Times estimated 2 - 4 weeks



What are your lead times? 

Current lead times will always be posted at the top of the website and on the front page. We recommend NOT planning trips based on these lead times as they are ESTIMATED and sometimes things may take longer than expected. We are always working to improve our lead times but there can be bottlenecks with other companies we work with so please be patient. Our goal is to deliver a high quality product and if the powdercoat doesn't turn out well or a product was made incorrectly we do our best to not let it go out like that. If this happens we will push it through as fast as we can but will call you to let you know it could be a bit longer than expected. 

What size tubing do you use? 

All of our sliders use a 2” x .120 wall main tube, 1.75” x .120 wall outer tube, and 2” x .120 wall square tubing for the legs. We offer both HREW (hot rolled electric weld) and DOM (Drawn over mandrel) options.


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What is the difference between angled and flat

Our RSG Metalworks flat sliders are designed to also double as a high clearance step/running board for getting into the vehicle. If you are looking for vehicle protection off-road, door dings in the parking lot, and a nice step for getting into the vehicle or setting up a roof-top-tent, choosing flat sliders would be a great option. Our other option of sliders are angled. Depending on the model of your vehicle, the outer tube angle on the sliders gives you about 2” more ground clearance on the outer edge than the flat option. This can help for the more technical off-roaders who want something that can slide a bit better over rocks. Angled is tucked a bit closer to the vehicle and still offers a bit of a step with mainly using the outside tube. 

Are there cheaper shipping options available? 

There is not. We use UPS and have negociated our rates to be some of the lowest around. The majority of our products are very large and heavy, so they are not the easiest products to ship. 

How much does a set of sliders weigh? 

Depending on the vehicle a set of our sliders can weigh anywhere from 120lbs-200lbs. 

What is the purchase process like?

Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email. This email may end up in your junk folder or elsewhere. We will then work on your order and you will receive tracking notifications when your order is ready to go out. Please be sure to check all of your folders so you do not miss this. 

What is the cancellation policy?

All orders are subject to 20% restocking fee after 24 hours of placing the order.

How can I get my RSG products faster? 

We know, lead times suck. Our team is constantly working to always improve our lead times. Unfortunately there is not much we can do to help get your order out faster. It would be unfair to those who ordered prior to push them back for other orders. The biggest help to get your order out quickly is to NOT contact us asking where it is. RSG Metalworks is a small team and the more emails, phone calls, and social media messages that we have to answer is time taken away from us getting your orders out. 

Do you do custom work? 

We do not offer any custom projects for customers. What we have on the site is what we make. We have a large variety of options on our products to fit just about everyone's wants and needs. Currently we are focused on the Toyota platforms but this will change as we grow. 

Do you do Solid Axle Swaps or V8 swaps?

No. We stick to building rock sliders, skid plates and other armor products. We SASed and V8 swapped our shop 4Runner to show our skills as a company and to use as a marketing tool for both RSG Offroad and Metalworks. Build Bio.

What if my package arrives damaged?

It is the customers responsibility to inspect for damage. Once you install the shipment it is your property. Notify the delivery driver of any damage. If damaged: Keep all packaging. Take detailed photos of packaging, damage, and product. Email photos to orders@rsgoffroad.com. RSG will start a claim. UPS will return to pick up damaged products. 

Where can I see more photos?

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